We build targeted social networks

We build, host and maintain specialized social networks which target business, industry or interest.

Your single source for strategy, design and maintenance of your social network.

  • Share your wedding with family and friends
  • Science editor
  • Remote work consulting business
  • Edition, digital strategy, event communication
  • Communication agency
  • Trade publication for pharmacists
  • Franchise directory
  • E-commerce software editor

A full service

We provide complete technology and strategic expertise for the launch of our customers specialized social networks.

A 360° vision

Crezeo is a 360° service that assists you and your team throughout the life of your project : from the strategy definition to the operational phase and acceleration of your community.

Technological asset

With SaaS solutions, you get a high value and quality product up and running in a minimum time, without having to make costly and risky technological developments or worry about the technical aspects.

On-demand features

Tell us about the feature your dream of and we'll make it happen and take care of everything : web application, mobile / tablet development, responsive app, e-commerce...

We provide all the technological aspects and bring the best innovation to our customers who can focus on developing their business. We want one thing : our customers bold success.

A unique technology

The Crezeo platform

Crezeo offers media companies innovative and efficient technology assets to provide them with the keys to success for their social networking platforms projects.

Crezeo platform integrates many applications tailored for its customers needs :
  • Classified ads
  • Company directory
  • Editor
  • Knowledge base
Fusion of technical and editorial skills; Crezeo and EDP Dental now offers the dental world an unparalleled tool of knowledge and communication: Dento-Réseau.
Alain Baudevin, COO EDP Santé

News & Advices

A team of passionate people...

Antoine Leclercq

Founder & President

Thierry Hessel

Product owner

Romain Delhoute

Frontend Developer

Anthony Lesaffre

Backend Developer

Sebastien Beauchamp

UX Designer

Maïlys Reslinger

Customer Experience Manager

Board members

Michel de Guilhermier

The Accelerator (Paris)

Juan Hernandez

The Accelerator (Paris)

Jonathan Lascar

The Accelerator (Paris)

Yves Delnatte

Co-founder of INEAT

In the heart of the ecosystem

Located in Euratechnologies (Lille, France), Crezeo develops its technology by associating local expertise and innovation.


Expertise and excellence are the qualities we are looking for for roles of Technical Architect (RoR + Angular.js), Frontend Engineer, and web marketing manager ...

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